In the area of Disability studies, Special Education and rehabilitation be it as academicians, researchers, practitioners or even as student there is a continuous need to be learners.

Voice4ability looks forwards to be able to provide such a platform wherein we attempt to bring together people from all walks of life and be able to provide a platform which would enable individuals to gain insight from the experiences of expert in the related field.

This platform looks forward to be a goldmine of knowledge in the area of contextualizing disability, policies legislations and Acts related to special education, Sustainability issues related to disability and rehabilitation ,Input- outcome process context framework for inclusive education, multisensory approach, multi discipline teams adoptions and functioning , differential and effective instructions for regular classrooms ,historical perspective, definitions and classification ,incidences as well as prevalence of disability and correlated factors. This academic space would also attempt to capture the latest in screening, identifications and diagnosis, characteristics, associated disorder, causes and prevention intervention as well as educational programs and strategies. Attempts would be made by us to be an informative Centre also for assistive technology and devices and other issues and concerns.

Through our blog, web conferencing , webinars and e-journal we aims at interacting with teachers, researchers, parents, doctors, curriculum developer, policy makers and any other person who wants to gain insight into the various areas of disability studies.

The attempt of this blog is to provide a platform for professionals as well as any person who is associated with person with diverse needs in the area of special needs. As you would go through the blogs, you would observe that we have the privilege of having a lot of eminent personalities from the various sectors of the special needs/ disability areas, who are active contributing members. These are persons who have immense experiences in their respective fields and they are taking out time to associate themselves with, ‘voice4ability’. It is their contributions which makes the blog so informative.

The underline theme of the blog is that it takes all types to make this world a better place to live in and that we are like a mosaic wherein, it is the diversities in our neurological and physical abilities and capabilities which make us a complete society.

In our e-journal titled, ‘International Journal of Disability Studies, Special Education and Rehabilitation’ online, we look forward to articles from various field related to special needs/disability. These could be thematic articles which provide information, research based articles which enable the reader to gain insight into the latest knowledge construction in the field, action research based articles from the daily professional experiences of our experts and daily life experiences of others, reflective articles on revisiting various theories, psycho-social experiences of parents and other members of the family, the individual with disability ( differently abled), professionals and others. We also look forward to best practices, intervention and educational strategies which you would like to share with our readers or any other area which you would like to share on these blogs. As our name implies we look forward to be able to document the Indian or rather the Asian understanding, best practices, psychological and philosophical insights into disability studies.

We look forward to research based articles which includes primary and/or secondary data of good quality. The Journal will also have space for Book Review. The Book that is reviewed should be associated with disability studies and related areas. This is a peer reviewed Journal with an ISSN number(2455-8001).

Title, Abstract and Keywords:

The first page should contain the article, title, author(s), and affiliation. Each manuscript submitted needs to include an abstract of 50 to 73 words, and about 5 key words.

Length of submissions

Each manuscript submitted should include an abstract of 50 to 75 words. It should also include about 5 keywords. The length of the article should be between 6000 to 9000 words in length. All manuscripts should be typed and double-spaced. The same work should not have been published elsewhere and nor should it be presently submitted elsewhere.

Tables and Figures:

Tables and figures should be completely understandable, independent of the text.


References should began on a separate page followed by endnotes, if any. A full bibliography in alphabetical order must be provided at the end of the article. All details using the APA method should be cited ie: author name, year, name of book/name of journal with issue number, publisher, place of publication, year, name of book/name of journal with issue number, place of publication, publisher, page number for articles appearing in journals or edited volumes.

Use of Language:

It needs to be noted that this being a online journal as well, it will be reaching an international audience. Where ever possible national colloquialisms and idioms should be avoided, yet where they are need to enrich the meaning of the text, they need to be put in itialics and the English equivalent meaning as far as possible should be provided.

This is journal is part of a website which emphasizes upon diversities more than disabilities; hence the authors need to keep that in focus. The language used should not imply bias against anyone with reference to disability, gender, racial or ethnic groups, age, sexual orientation etc.

Submission of paper:

Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically by using the ‘International Journal of Disability Studies, Special Education and Rehabilitation’ online submission and review web site ( ). This site will guide authors stepwise through the submission process. Authors are requested to submit the text, tables, and artwork in electronic form to this address.

We look forward to articles from you.
Dr. Renu Malaviya
Chief Editor
‘International Journal of Disability Studies,
Special Education and Rehabilitation’ online

Associate Prof., Deptt. of Education,
Lady Irwin College, (University of Delhi), New Delhi, India